A humble hello…..

I’m not sure exactly sure how to start this blog. I have never ever blogged before and I certainly never thought I would be blogging about this. If you had told me last year that I would publish some of the most gut-wrenching and honest thoughts that I have had and would be freely announcing to the world that I have OCD, I would have said you were crazy. OCD was something that I had to protect and hide, not throw into the spotlight. But, clearly God has different plans than our own and He has been laying this on my heart for a while. I just haven’t had the courage to do it until a recent lapse with OCD, but more on that later. Firstly, I would like to make a couple of disclaimers. #1 is that I am not great at writing. I always thought I was, until I got to college, where an English professor, in no uncertain terms, told me that I was pretty bad due to the ugly red letters on the top of EVERY essay I got back. #2 is that I, in no way ever want to come across as judgmental, harsh, insensitive, or holier-than-thou. I cannot stand that. I also hope that anyone who reads this will simply accept that these are my thoughts about my journey, and if you want to apply them to your life, that’s great! And if not, that is fine too. I risk my vulnerability and understand that it may or may not be received well (if you have ever been in cognitive behavioral therapy, maybe you will appreciate that comment-I didn’t even realize I was applying my “embracing of uncertainty” until after I had written that). Above all, I just want this to be an encouragement to others and a safe place. So thank you for reading and I appreciate your time and your heart.

grass heart


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