I don’t care…..

Something that I have been trying lately with anxiety is what I like to call the “I don’t care attitude”. I first heard about this during one of my OCD support group meetings. We were listening to an interview with Shannon Shy. He said that he often adopts the mindset of standing firm no matter what OCD throws at him. He told us that he doesn’t care what obsessions try to lodge themselves in his mind.

I have been trying this over the past week with my anxiety. Something triggers me and I just tell my anxiety “I don’t care what you try to throw at me. I don’t care if you try to make me nauseous or make it hard for me to relax. I am going about my day and you will not convince me that my day is ruined or that I’m not getting better.” So far it has been really helpful. When I tell myself “I don’t care what it tries on me”, I am able to return to my life a lot faster.  OCD starts to get a hold on me when the anxiety starts and I try to make it go away. That’s where all my problems come in. When I begin to resist the anxiety and try to block out my thoughts, it seems to intensify my OCD and anxiety. I say this a lot, but relating to anxiety is such a paradox. Maybe try it out and let me know how it goes!

*side note: it has been a little over a week since I started my new nutritional practices. I am taking a multivitamin in the morning and fish oil (omega 3’s) at night before I go to bed. I am also trying to drink fruit and veggie smoothies. I have been feeling a lot better. In fact, yesterday a major trigger happened and it didn’t seem to bother me that much at all. Usually I would have ruminated over it for the whole evening and this morning. Now, I don’t know if there is a direct correlation to the nutrition or not. It could be that the weather is finally warm here in Georgia and I am out in the sun a lot more. However, I feel like all these things can work together so that my brain can function at its optimum level. I’m going to keep going with it!


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  1. Ashley says:

    I’m glad to hear that your nutritional changes seem to be helping! I need to do the fish oil thing. It just kind of weirds me out a little. I guess it will be a good exposure!
    My therapist and I talked about the paradox of OCD and therapy and anxiety today. It’s so crazy! I wish it wasn’t all so confusing!

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  2. Zack Akvan says:

    I’m so proud of you, Kaitlin! You’re always so inspiring to others and a strong woman of God.

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